Prayer for the X Chapter

Blessed be God, our Father!
We thank you for the life that you have given us
andfor the wonders that you continue to operate
in each one of us and in our Religious Family.

We thank you because you havecalled us
to follow Christ, your Son, in a radical and prophetic way,
in order to be sisters and mothers of the poor,
women able to bring life and to wake up the world,
to illuminate the future.

Help us to rediscover and recover the beauty and joy
of Cottolengo Consecrated Life!
May your Spirit awake in us the desire for an intimate communion with You,
for a filial abandonment in Divine Providence and guide our 10th General Chapter
so that it may be a time of grace, of openness and docility to divine inspirations,
and to the directives of the Church, of choral discernment
to face courageous charismatic choices,
oriented to renew and requalify our vocation and mission.

May the Spirit of communion fill our hearts of an irresistible desire
to create among us new and authentic relationships, generated by Jesus Christ,
in order to continue in the history the experience of the first Christian community.

Virgin Mary, our good and tender Mother,
accompany us and sustain us during our Chapter journey
and do not let anything distract us from seeking what is pleasing to God.


Saint Joseph Benedict Cottolengo pray for us!

Thanks be to God!