Caritas Christi urget nos!

Turin, 5 August 2015

Dearest Sisters,

                                    we are quickly approaching to the celebration-time of the General Chapter. We know that it is an event particularly important for the vitality of the Congregation, hard time of verification, reflexion and orientation for the communitarian searching for the will of God, and that we all must commit ourselves to live it with great responsibility, but also in the serene certainty that the Lord is near us, leads us and supports us.  

            With a renewed confidence in God, good and merciful Father who constantly helps us with His amiable Divine Providence, […] by means of the present letter




on 8th  November  2015



THEME:          Renewalor survival?

                        From the tiredness to the joy:

                        evangelical journeyof the  Cottolengo sister”


The celebration of the Chapter will be preceded by Spiritual Retreats, privileged time of personal encounter with the Lord, time in which, in the silence and listening to the Word, the Holy Spirit purifies us, converts us, regenerates our inner strengths and prepares us to“discern what is the will of God, what is good and pleasing …” (Rm. 12:2).

[…] The specific purpose of the X Chapter is hard and committed: “to renew our Cottolengo religious life discovering again the beauty, showing the challenges of it, going back to the first love,  living in the joy and confidence”.

Because the Chapter may truly attain these aims successfully being aware that “if the Lord does not build the house the builders works unuseful”, I ask all of you, particularly the Sisters of Contemplative Life and the elderly and sick Sisters, to intensify prayer and self-giving.


In the letter of  the Announcement of the Chapter dated 7 October, 2014, I had suggested some common prayers for all of you which had to accompany the works of participation-pre-chapter consultation and that now I propose again:

  • Daily prayer for the Chapter, possibly recited together.
  • Communitarian weekly adorationwith inserted the new  formula of the Vows.
  • The Rosary prayed solemnly on Saturday, according to a common scheme, in order to invoke the gift of the Holy Spirit with Mary upon the whole Chapter event.
  • Community Lectio Divina according to the journey proposed by the consultation forms.   
  • Holy Mass offered at least once a month to invoke light and strength from the  Spirit of God.

Besides I invite all of you to make known the event which we are living to the lay people that we approach for different reasons, as well as to our local Churches, to other Congregations: we kindly ask everybody for prayer according to our intention!

In particular we ask Cottolengo Priests and Brothers, our beloved Residents and Masters, the Sick, the Brothers that we accept and serve, all the persons who love us so that they may pray with us the Holy Rosary, on Saturdays or in another suitable day. Together we beseech for the intercession of Our Lady so that our Chapter may be successful.

May God, good and provident Father, in His mercy, grant us to live this event through a fruitful listening,  fraternal communion, with free heart and great hope.

May the Holy Spirit who has inspired Saint Joseph Cottolengo to found our religious Family and that during the IX Chapter has guided us in write again our new Rule of Life, now already approved by the Holy Church, go on speaking to the heart of every Chapter Sister, keep us “faithful to the founding Charism and spiritual heritage of our Institute” (V.C. 36). May the Holy Spirit guide us to a radical renewal of our Cottolengo religious life, so that every tiredness, unhappiness and sadness may leave the place to the true joy!

May Mary, Mother of mercy, obtain us the grace to imitate her, today and forever, in her faith and total availability  to God’s plans and help us  to say our “fiat” in every circumstance with humility, with serenity and generosity ever more great.

Be sure  of my daily prayer for all of you .

My cordial greetings.

Grateful,  in Domino

Mother Giovanna MASSE’